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By using our 5-step Tiny Business Impact Stratagemâ„¢ you'll get the strategy, skills, and knowledge to create a business with purpose to compete in the marketplace.

Through a series of effective planning workshops and implementation we help you build an innovative, flexible, impactful business that can transform the world.

The Tiny Business Impact Stratagemâ„¢

Our 5-step system designed to help you manage risk, accelerate learning, value, and impact.


A collaborative approach where we work through a series of four workshops to cover all the foundational strategy needs you have, and give you a solid base to launch from.

The Impact Strategy Workshops include:

  • Social Lean Canvas
  • Theory of Change
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Tiny Marketing Plan


Together we take your planning and conceptualize an initial experiment, or mvp. Starting small and agile we use the lean impact methodology to accelerate customer value and social impact, while gaining valuable feedback, and business knowledge, allowing you to learn and iterate quickly.


Now let's turn strategy and design into real action. This is where you'll build out your experiment (MVP) so together we can test your assumptions and strategy, and speed up the feedback loop for you to create value, and deliver impact.


You'll learn how to measure value and impact for your impact business. Discover the tools and techniques you need to validate your experiments and assumptions. 


Taking what you've learned you make the decision of where to go next. It's up to you whether you tweak, pivot, or take a completely new path. It's up to us to help support and nurture your journey to create a tiny business that has big impact.

Tiny Changemaker's Toolkit

Think big, start small, seek impact, and with our 5-step Tiny Business Impact Stratagemâ„¢ transform the world by creating a business with purpose, that delivers solutions, generates a profit, and adds value to society.


Wherever you're at in your journey the Tiny Changemaker's Toolkit will help your small business have big impact in the world.

Curate & Clarify

At the very beginning of your social impact journey? 

Not sure where to start?

Too many ideas to change the world and don't know which one to start with? 

Is your idea even worth pursuing?
Together we'll curate all the ideas running through your head and help you clarify how you want to begin impacting the world. 

Think Big

Plan your strategy for success and impact. Together we'll run through a series of workshops to gain an understanding of your impact, vision, mission, message, customers, stakeholders, problems, solutions, and product or service. If you want to transform the world, and compete in the marketplace, then you need to get this fundamental part right.

Start Small

Inspire, design, create.

We'll collaborate to plan and implement your strategy, which is often where people become stuck, then help you figure out your initial mvp and get it up and running so you can test and iterate, while gaining insights and feedback that will drive your business forward to creating the impact business you want.

Pricing Plans


Extract greatness from the tangle of your ideas




/one time

What's included

  • 90 minute session
  • One-on-One
  • Zoom or Google Meet
  • Curate your ideas to transform the world
  • Get clarity to move forward with your purpose 


4 Impactful workshops to plan your strategy & impact

4 workshops



/one time

What's included

  • Initial Discovery Call
  • Series of 4 Impact Business Strategy Workshops:                    
  • 1. Social Lean Canvas    
  • 2.  Theory of Change    
  • 3. Value Proposition Design                   
  • 4. Tiny Marketing Plan 
  • Micro impact follow up sessions