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"Think Big, Start Small, and Relentlessly Seek Impact"

We provide support for small business owners to manage risk, have a bigger impact, and create businesses with a purpose, that deliver solutions, generate a profit, and add value to society. 

Founder / Steward

Just like you, we're a tiny business seeking relentlessly big impact.

It might just be me right now, but I have a vision to help a lot of responsible entrepreneurs create impact in this world.

And I won't do that on my own...

Besides, I still need time to write novels, practice parkour, mountain bike, and hang with my family.

Scott Stembridge

Founder / Steward

Scott Stembridge

Does Everything Else

My journey into doing business differently began around 2000-2009 when I attended a Sustainable Wanaka workshop. My eyes were opened to better ways to operate a business that was more than simply green washing. I started to realise I could transform the way I did business throughout the whole enterprise.

I was a first-time business owner running a cafe restaurant. The hierarchical, low wage business model that was the norm for the hospitality industry, just hadn’t felt right the longer I was in business. I now knew there was a better way, and that I had more than just one option for how to do things.

Since that time my passion for doing business differently, and making social enterprise the normal way of doing business has only deepened. 

I became a business consultant so I could help impact businesses create greater transformations in the world around us than I could ever do in one business on my own.

Let's make impact enterprise "business as usual" - because small actions can make a big difference

We're social impact enterprise consultants who help your small business to have bigger impact. 


By collaborating with you to create

your purpose driven business 

that delivers solutions to generate a profit,

and adds value to society.

Whether you're just getting started, or already have a tiny business, if you want to be a responsible impact-driven entrepreneur, we're here to help you flourish in today's challenging climate.

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