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Helping Small Business Have Big Impact

small actions can make a big difference

"Think Big, Start Small, and Relentlessly Seek Impact"

~ Ann Mei Chang


Dream a big, hairy, audacious goal for the difference you want to make in the world.

Your  big goal will keep you seeking and improving impact over the long-term.


Great businesses don't have to be big in the impact economy.
Being small keeps you flexible and on the path to greater impact over time.


Keep your eye on the prize.

Stay focused on the problem you're trying to solve, not the solution you've got.

why work with us?

We're social impact enterprise consultants who help your small business to have bigger impact. 


By collaborating with you to create

your purpose driven business 

that delivers solutions to generate a profit,

and adds value to society.

about us

We provide support for small business owners to manage risk, have a bigger impact, and create businesses with a purpose, that deliver solutions, generate a profit, and add value to society. 

Whether you're just getting started, or already have a tiny business, if you want to be a responsible impact-driven entrepreneur, we're here to help you flourish in today's challenging climate. 


We help nurture and support enterprise in the impact economy

By using our 5-step Tiny Business Impact Stratagemâ„¢ you'll get the strategy, skills, and knowledge to create a business with purpose and compete in the marketplace.

Through a series of effective planning workshops and implementation we help you build an innovative, flexible, impactful business that can transform the world.

Tiny Business Impact Stratagemâ„¢ 

Our 5-step system designed to help you manage risk, accelerate learning, value, and impact.


Set yourself a big, hairy, audacious goal to transform society. Then begin working towards that goal by building an effective strategy framework for your impact business.


Problems need solutions. Design experiments (minimum viable products) to decide what works best for your market, and how you can create the biggest impact.


Here's where the rubber meets the road. We'll build experiments (MVPs) to test assumptions and speed up the feedback loop for you to create value, and deliver impact.


Measure value and impact. Validate your experiments and assumptions. Take the knowledge you've gained and discover sooner rather than later if you're on the right path, or need to make changes.


Where to from here? This is where you map your viable path forward. Do you tweak, pivot, or take a completely new path?

Let's create your tiny business

Transform the world by creating a business with purpose, that delivers solutions, generates a profit, and adds value to society.


At Tiny Business Consultants we help tiny businesses have a big impact because we believe business should be the change we want in the community and world around us.

We also walk the talk as an impact business.

For every client we help have a big impact, 20% goes towards establishing our own impact investment fund so we can continue to support tiny business and help accelerate the impact they have out in the world.